Womenís turbans

Branded products that meet high-quality standards are classified according to several indicators. When buying hats, you should consider seasonality; style and cut; material type; color and design; principle of fastening; the size. Most of the models are addressed to women, therefore, representatives of the fair half can choose domed hats of regular and large knitting with a sharp, round top, gathered on the back of the head, with a lapel and pompons. Elastic hats made of hypoallergenic, wear-resistant acrylic also belong to women's hats. Their design is quite simple, and the main advantage is reliable protection of the ears from cold and wind.

Among all the hats, those that are part of some kind of national costume stand out. Turban just belongs to the list of such.

Womenís turbans

A turban is a headdress made of a very long piece of rectangular fabric. In order to get a turban, this piece of fabric must be very tightly and consistently wrapped around the head. The turban has an indirect lower edge, which distinguishes it from similar hats. But this is not the only difference.

Both women and men can wear a turban. In addition, it is much larger in size than a turban. So, for the manufacture of some of them, only 3-4 m of material will be enough. In addition, only the most expensive raw materials, such as velvet or brocade, are used to create a turban, and pearls and brooches are used to decorate it. Turban is traditionally a men's headdress. It is popular among Indian, Arabian, Asian, African men. However, over time, women began to wear it. Turban perfectly complements many images, so it can be worn not only by those who practice Islam.

Modern women are different from their predecessors. They donít want to waste their time wrapping matter around their heads for a long time. Therefore, fashion designers came up with a turban hat for them. With its form, the hat completely repeats the usual turban. However, if necessary, it can be easily removed or put on quickly.

Especially beautifully hat-turban looks, knitted with their own hands. It is convenient to put on and just as easy to take off. At the same time, such a hat keeps heat well, because it is very tight to the head. You can knit a warm turban from woolen and cotton threads. However, it would be better if you add a little acrylic to them. In this case, the turban will be more elastic and will be able to keep its shape for a long time.

There are several knitting options that will help to make the headdress more beautiful. The ideal is a hat with an elastic band made using English knitting technology. Such a turban is decorated with knitted braids or a pearl pattern, but the original knitting is far from the only way to make the turban more stylish and extraordinary. For this purpose, you can use almost any decorative little things. The turban can be supplemented with an elegant white or blue brooch, and with several beads or large rhinestones on it.