The modern fashion industry offers a wide selection of shoes for women. Designers' ideas amaze with variety, and each season the collections are replenished with many new products. An adultís wardrobe should have, on average, two to three pairs of shoes for each season. In this case, you should take care of the availability of elegant options for special occasions. The section presents women's shoes: warm boots, stylish shoes, light sneakers, comfortable sneakers, original ankle boots, elegant shoes, seductive sandals and much more. Leather, nubuck, suede, and textiles are used by most producers.

When deciding what to wear female Cossacks with, one should pay attention not only to traditional combinations with jeans and leather jackets. Today, cowboy-style shoes are undergoing a rebirth; they are actively worn not only by the stronger men but also by beautiful ladies. With what to combine short brown, red, black and boots of other colors in the autumn and spring the latest catwalk will tell about trends and recommendations of fashion designers.


Cossacks are cowboy-style boots with a shortened, no higher than mid-calf. Traditionally, they have a low beveled heel from 1 to 7 cm, a wide upper part, a narrowed toe. There are no fasteners in such shoes, it is easy to put them on and take them off, and it has small folds-draperies. If shoes are made of soft suede, a chain as an element of decor for biker models is used.

For a long time, it was believed that women's short Cossacks can be worn exclusively with clothes in a cowboy-style or in the style of country, as well as their high analogs. However, modern trends have gone a step further - suede and made of smooth leather models are worn in spring or autumn with trousers, skirts, dresses, lightweight with perforation and embossing put on in the summer.

There are a number of rules that make it possible to wear short Cossack boots not only comfortable but also appropriate. Among the most important points, the following ones can be distinguished:

1. Cossacks - an urbanized version of cowboy boots. They have a lower and shorter heel, there is no bevel on it, but there is a decorative stitch. These are urban shoes that should not be combined with elements of rural chic and glamor.

2. —hoppers - a biker version of Cossacks - are worn exclusively with leather clothes. This model has a square nose, a sloping heel, there is no decorative stitching on the boots, but there is a chain under the heel, straps, and buckles on the sides.

3. Cossacks are shoes created for hiking, they have a comfortable fit and a wide top, the toe is very pointed. They fit well into casual style and even military, do not constrain movements during outdoor activities.

4. Correspondence to the season. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the summer it is customary to wear special lightweight Cossacks with perforations on a flat sole or a very small straight heel. Sometimes they are made with an open toe; there are buckles and straps on the sides. Autumn models are decorated with fringe, embroidery. In winter, there may have fur or fleece lining.