Mint tops

A few tips to help you buy a women's top and wear it with pleasure:

1. Choose a model based on the features of the figure. For example, fitted models will look perfect on slim girls, and you can choose a style with a V-neck or large details in the area of the shoulders.

2. Determine in advance where you are going to wear a new thing. So, for business-style clothes, it is better to buy a female top in plain and discreet colors, with a minimum of decorative elements, and purchase bright and extravagant, richly decorated with rhinestones.

3. Choose the “right” fabric. For fitness and everyday wear with casual clothing, give preference to models made of natural “breathable” materials.

Surely every woman’s wardrobe has a white or blacktop. These are basic elements that are ideally suited to any life situation and are perfectly combined with other clothes. Much less often you can see a top, for example, of mint color. Meanwhile, this color is not only one of the most relevant in the new season, but also perfect for creating a gentle, romantic look.

Mint tops

The color of mint has several shades, including menthol, light turquoise, seafoam, pistachio ice cream, tender mint, and others. The most common shades of color are mint green and mint blue. Depending on the color type of your skin, you can choose the perfect shade of a top.

A mint green blouse is very suitable for fair-haired women with blue or green eyes. Slender, graceful girls can try on almost any style of mint tops, including cropped models, tops with open shoulders, transparent blouses, etc.

Tops of various styles and models look very feminine and elegant. Mint color does not belong to the classic color scheme, it is not universal at all. Therefore, in order for the created image to look as harmonious as possible, it is worth not only choosing the right ensemble for the mint color top but also taking into account the compatibility of the colors of the clothes.

A classic mint top will look great against a dark brown pencil-skirt. Beige heeled shoes or pumps will complement your business look with the mint top. As ornaments, you can choose accessories of soft green, mint, and golden color. A blouse of a shirt cut of a rich mint color is perfectly combined with skirts of different styles from denim and jeans. You can choose a jeans vest for them, and wear moccasins, ballet shoes or slip-on shoes as shoes.

A set of a transparent top and a skirt made of satin, guipure or dense silk will help to create an elegant evening look. Complete the image with the shoes in the tone of a top or skirt, a miniature handbag, and laconic jewelry.

For a festive occasion, you can choose a bolder version, for example, a luxurious low-necked model with sleeves “bat”.

To create a romantic look, a top of a shade of delicate mint with sleeves-lanterns, frills and ruffles is suitable. For every day, a shirtless top with a stand-up collar and a short sleeve is quite suitable.